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Heavy Lift Shipping

Together with our partner BigLift Shipping and since 40 years as their exclusive General Agent in France, we offer our clients a large and versatile fleet of both Heavy Lift geared vessels and Deck Carriers to transport all kind of heavy cargoes over all oceans.

More information about our fleet…

Our vesselsUpload datasheetGeared
HAPPY R-TypeDatasheet R-Type2×400
HAPPY D-TypeDatasheet D-Type2×400
P-8 TypeDatasheet P-82×400
B TypeB-type leaflet2×500 (DP)
P-14 TypeDatasheet P-142×700
HAPPY BUCCANEERDatasheet Happy Buccaneer2×700
HAPPY S-TypeDatasheet S-Type2×900
CY-ClassDatasheet CY-ClassDeck = 125×40
MC-ClassDatasheet MC-ClassDeck = 125×42 (DP)