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SDV Group
SDV Group                                                                                                                                                                    July, 2010

At the port of Gdynia in Poland, the m.v. Happy River loaded a record cargo of 14 RTG�s. Eight units were loaded, in parts in her lower hold, while the other six units were loaded and stowed on the upper deck.
These RTG�s are of the larger kind, weighing � only � 132 mton each, but with a footprint of 30 x 12.5 metres.

The upper deck of the Happy River was a bit too small to accomodate the six fully assembled units, therefore, some tweendeck panels were installed and welded over the upper deck and across the ship to widen the upperdeck surface and enable the stowage. The 6 fully assembled RTG�s were then lifted on board and the RTG driver then drove them to their respective places on deck and two of the 6 RTG�s had to be driven out onto the deck extensions, 5 metres over the side of the ship.

Everything had been accurately prepared and designed by the office technical department and engineers, and the vessel made a direct sailing to Lagos in Nigeria for discharging the 6 fully assembled RTG�s and to Abidjan in Ivory Coast to discharge the 8 knocked-down units from the lower hold.

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