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Last journey for SEREPCA 1 FSO from April to July 2009

The SEREPCA 1 FSO (ex "KASPROWY WIERCH" built in 1974 for the polish merchant navy) is a tanker of 130.400 tdw with length of 284 meters and a width of 43,40 meters.

After she was laid up for some time in Greece, she was converted into a FSO (Floating Storage of Oil) in Marseille (France) in the years 1983-1984, where her propellers and rudders were removed. She was then towed to the Kol� site in Cameroon where she has been moored for about 25 years except from may to december 1998 when she was towed to Lisnave shipyards in Lisbon for a complete dry docking and maintenance program.

The FSO SEREPCA 1 was offering a 1 million barrels storage capacity (loading and transferring to sea tankers approx. 900000 barrels every 8 to 10 days).

The SEREPCA 1 has reached her life limit and the major french oil company TOTAL awarded us a contract for unmooring the FSO and remove the 11 heavy chains pattern from the sea bed and tow the FSO to her last destination being Jiang Yin in China, close to Shanga� on the Yang Tse river, for her demolition. Three big tugs were used for the unmooring operations at Rio del Rey in Cameroon and one of the three units, the 170 tons Bollard Pull tug ROTTERDAM towed the FSO all the way to China where the FSO was safely delivered on the 3rd of July 2009.

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Last journey for SEREPCA 1 FSO from April to July 2009
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