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AKPO FPSO safely delivered at the Akpo field in Nigeria
AKPO FPSO safely delivered at the Akpo field in Nigeria

The AKPO FPSO has been safely delivered mid-october 2008 at her final destination being the AKPO oil field offshore Nigeria. Giant Marine and Svitzer Ocean Towage were awarded a towage contract to tow the giant FPSO of 310 meters long and 77 meters wide using three ocean going tugs developing a combined bollard pull of about 570 tons. The voyage started in Ulsan in Korea and after a journey of 11550 nautical miles, ended at the AKPO field. With one additional tug assisting the transport to go around the coast of South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope (where the transport faced waves of more than 20 meters), the 4 tugs were used for the installation and the mooring of the FPSO to the anchor lines pre-installed by the client.

The picture shows the AKPO FPSO slowly towed to her final and accurate postion by the tug SINGAPORE.

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