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Agbami project
Agbami project

From mid December 2007 till September 2008, Giant Marine with BigLift Shipping from Amsterdam are heavily involved in the AGBAMI project of Chevron Texaco in Nigeria.

Three heavy lift vessels of the BigLift fleet are carrying from the factory of Technip in Normandy to Nigeria all underwater flowlines of the field, either on standing reels up to 310 tons unit weight or in carousels having a weight on deck of more than 2000 tons. Once in Nigeria, the vessels are meeting the Technip laying vessels and are performing ship to ship transfer of heavy reels or direct transpooling from carousel to carousel. The 3 heavy lift vessels are doing in total 5 complete roundtrips for the project.

The picture shows the heavy lift vessels TRAMPER and HAPPY R0VER crossing each other on the Seine river close to the factory in Le Trait (close to the city of Rouen).

Two multi-purpose heavy-lift vessels
Slow "promenade" through Paris for the high speed train
Agbami project
AKPO FPSO sailed from Korea
Last journey for SEREPCA 1 FSO from April to July 2009
The Moho Bilondo Project
SDV Group

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